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European Electronique is a leading player in the academy programme since its inception in 2000 and to date has delivered in excess of 100 academy projects.

We have developed the skills and expertise to successfully implement comprehensive, innovative and customised ICT solutions. With more than two decades of experience and success in the education sector, we have an in depth understanding of the requirements to provide new learning environments which harness technology with the aim of transforming personalised learning and teaching.

Our flexible and unique approach to project implementation enables us to adapt to changes as they occur, even to the point of revising technologies to better suit the Academy’s needs just weeks before installation. We will also ensure that your ICT infrastructure will be sufficiently flexible and robust enough to accommodate new technologies in the future.

Our approach which encompasses end to end design, implementation and support services allow us in partnership with our clients, to overcome any project challenges and deliver on time and to budget.

At European Electronique it is our belief that the Government Academy Programme revolutionised the way in which young people learn and although some academies experience challenges, the majority of them have a positive and profound impact on their pupils and on the regeneration of the local community.

Recent EE Academies projects including Federations