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Local Government


At European Electronique our specialist Local Government IT team have over 20 years’ experience in assisting local authorities with a full range of ICT infrastructure solutions to meet evolving requirements of service provision.

We understand that Local Governments face the complexity of balancing the demands of improving services whilst delivering tangible savings. That’s why our Local Government IT services are not only cost-effective, but are also structured to meet the individual requirements of your authority.

Our public sector IT solutions enables local authorities to deliver high quality and added value services to the public whilst reducing operational costs and using fewer resources, improving productivity by freeing up staff members to focus on core tasks.

At European Electronique we work with leading vendors, government officials and IT professionals to ensure that we deliver the highest quality public sector IT services that will maximise the value of your IT. We can offer integrated IT solutions to support the delivery of government initiatives, including the full spectrum of ICT goods and associated services.

As well as Authority specific frameworks and contracts we are also prime contractors for most national level ICT frameworks, including:

§  Buying Solutions Supplier - ICT goods and associated services

§  DfES Becta - ICT infrastructure services

§  Value Wales - ICT goods and associated services

§  ESPR and YPO