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Managed Services

The present economic climate continues to dictate its own pressures, particularly budgetary concerns, with an expectation of improved IT services and swifter service delivery on already pressured budgets.

There is an emerging trend to offer a cost-effective service with access to specialist software and support without the commitment to developing in-house staff, but retaining control and flexibility. European Electronique understands this and a Managed Service from European Electronique enables organisations to outsource their IT function entirely or in part.

European Electronique’s Managed Services offer a comprehensive range of services which in accordance with your requirements and budgets, organisations can choose to form their own unique Managed Service suite:

§NESTOR 24x7 Live Network Monitoring

§Hardware Support

§Software Support

§User Helpdesk

§Onsite Engineers

§Virtual IT Days

§Remote Backups

Features & Benefits:

§Relieves valuable internal staff to concentrate on core business activities

§Simple and timely access to specialist skills and knowledge

§Greater control of service levels and performance

§Single point of contact (SPOC)

§Service excellence and appropriate Service Level Agreements

§Prevents incompatibilities and avoids risk

§Minimises additional recruiting and training costs

§Reduces total cost of ownership

§Mitigate risk and realise increased rewards

§Obtain greater accountability and flexibility

§Expertise through partnership

§Project outputs enhanced by specialist resources

§Tighter cost control and clarity on the ROI

§Efficiencies through collaborative working

§Refined budget and implementation management

§Make best use of staff for specialist and core tasks

§Transfer the risk for achieving high service outputs

Effective recruitment and retention of key staff